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Dreams And A Bit Of Hope Is All You Need

Remember, that the worst thing to do while you're breathing, is to lose hope. As mortals, hoping is the best thing we can do. When your life lacks a strong purpose, a vision, you get lost.  Lost in the rubble of the world.  Like you're not living your life, merely, floating through the days. Everything might seem bleak and meaningless.  As if you've nothing to look forward to. Nothing worth living for. And that is why your dreams are essential. However abstract your vision, ambition maybe, it's important that you have it. You mayn't have one now, you mayn't have one until years. But what matters is you keep looking for it.  Keep fighting for it.  You've to kindle the flame in you.  The path is not easy, but what does that matter? You must believe in yourself and stan d for what you believe in.  Never forget what you believe in.  Never get deterred.  Keep walking. And once you find what you're looking for, you've come half way through. Now, work towar
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Crying is essential to Happiness..

                                                                                              Today, out of the blue, I had the unusual urge to cry. To cry out loud😭. Not just the muffled cries. No just the concealed tears. Loud and clear. As if I wanted the entire world to know that I had been shedding those despicable drops. Honestly, at first, I was surprised and even angry with myself for doing this😠. "How did I make myself look?"."Oh God! It's all over. I ruined my image.""I wish  I'd just disappear from the face of the earth." These were my thoughts, to name a few. Nonetheless, I followed my heart. I shied away from public space, broke down and wept for one good hour😶. I let it all out. People shot at me with several questions. Some expressed concern. And a few didn't bother at all. However, I never answered any of them. The reason being, I myself couldn't pinpoint the exact reason which led me to this piteous, embarrass

Feeling Different.. --Ana

                            Ever had people tell you, " You're different today" ? Well, I have. And let me tell you, it definitely doesn't imply that  I have terrible mood swings or I try to be who i'm not on some days. It just comes naturally and is as plain and normal as the piece of good, old paper I'm writing on.                   My mind or rather, our mind is quite an interesting, amusing place. It processes so much for us everyday. It works real hard. So, does it not deserve a break from the usual monotony.? To interpret things and act differently at times? Is it too much to ask for? I mean as long as it's doing its work correctly, does it really matter? I reckon, most of you would say 'no'.                     So what's wrong if a not-so-interesting, not-so-bright person is in high spirits for a day? What if a chatty and cheerful somebody is gloomy for once? Mostly, people tend to suppress their feelings when

Help Yourself.. --Ana

                           I know you've been putting this one off for a real long time. You've been trying to deal with things, you've been holding it all together. Keeping her happy. Keeping him happy. Forcing a smile on your face. Doing your best. And in doing so forgetting all about yourself. But you know what? You're human. You're just like them. Just like the ones you force up a smile for. You need to be looked after just like the ones you look after. You have to be cared for like the ones you care for. And the only one who you can count on to look after you, to care for you, is yourself. Nobody's gonna do that for you. And even if they do, they can't do that better than you can do.                   Yeah. Life keeps you busy. You need to be so many people at a time. A mother, daughter, wife,..... Or a son, father, husband.....The list is limitless. But you always forget that you also have to be you. You need to giv

Where is Happiness? -- Ana

So now that you're here, you'll have to ask yourself why you're here. Are you looking for happiness? or are you having trouble figuring out what makes you happy?  Happiness is a humane feeling yet it is so much more than just a feeling. Happiness makes you want to live life. It makes life worth it. It makes you wanna live through your bad days so that you can have a good day next time because bad days DO NOT last forever. Not your ones not mine. Yes, however out of luck you may feel, but bad times are always followed by good times. You may have longer bad times than those around you but you gotta believe that you are gonna outlive these days. And when you live to see the happy times, appreciate it. Feel thankful for each day you live to see. Because believe it or not soon you're gonna run out of days to feel grateful for. It maybe tomorrow or fifty years from now. You never know. Seek happiness in the little things in lif